5 tips on Returning to Bouldering Post-lockdown

Yes, lockdown’s been a difficult time for many of us however the excitement of returning to the wall is real and just around the corner.  Amidst all this excitement though, a series of questions are guaranteed to be on all our minds; How ready am l for this? How good am l going to be? And How do l ease myself back without injuring myself…

Well hopefully this month’s blog will try to help answer some of those with 5 simple tips to ensure you have a great time when you come back to visit us.

1. We’re here and ready to Welcome YOU back

Us Freek’s are super excited about being able to share what we love, get climbing and help you to do the same.  We understand it can be exciting (or daunting!) coming back after a break however you can be assured, we are on hand for a chat and eager to guide you through our fantastic new boulder routes and share what beta we know.

2. Ease in slowly and improve fitness gradually

No doubt you’ll want to go hell for leather when you come back or climb straight onto your favourite grade or problems. It’s exciting – and before you know it your forearms are pumped; your heart is racing, and your fingers are screaming at you. We’ve all been there, right?

No matter what your fitness level, nothing quite prepares you for scaling up and down walls except for bouldering itself.  While bouldering we can burn up to 500 – 600 calories per hour. Easing back in slowly is essential – some ideas that have helped us are:

  • Keeping it real and sessions steady – do little and often to start with.
  • Taking plenty of breaks – come and enjoy our new coffee machine.
  • Warming up and warming down – if in doubt, ask us for some ideas.
  • Initially, climbing our grade below or Tackling the Yellows and Purples first
  • Focus on climbing down in control – this is a great way to focus the body and mind for honing those climbing skills
  • Download Crimpd – a climbing specific app with easy to follow routines for core and fingerboard training.

3. Managing our expectations

Yes, we have probably all heard this before but regardless, the devil on our shoulder often reminds us of how good we once were and so it’s easy to forget that we may not have climbed since January. This devil is perfectly normal and we all experience him/her from time to time!

A firm way to brush him off our shoulders is to come prepared to have fun and a laugh. It’s okay to take breaks and simply enjoy being back – your body is very clever as described in V4 and trust us, you’ll be back at it before you know it…

TOP TIP – Keep it fun and light – Come ask us for some games you can try on our routes!

4. Time

Our bodies are super clever and are fantastic at remembering! A recent study, highlighted that the body does not forget fitness and muscle memory and in fact, having a break in training of up to 20 weeks produced minimal difference in the overall results of fitness when compared to those who had no break at all.  This Australian article by Body and Soul provides a good overview.

This suggests that depending upon our age and lifestyle factors; once we return to regular training our bodies will remember the level we were at previously and with a proper plan we can return to this state more efficiently.

Relating this back to bouldering means that keeping sessions consistent and regular will no doubt aid in a quicker return to your bouldering grade. Just hang in there – no pun intended!

5. Remember, We’re all in this together!

We have all gone through a period of not climbing and simply dreaming of it. (Well, some of us have). Ultimately, we are all in the same boat and going through this together. So, lets’ share our experiences so that we can return to something we love and enjoy. We understand it’s going to take a bit of grit, time and some preservice but well get there and it’s going to be a lot of fun along the way!

Welcome back and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!


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